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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart's oeuvre, as we know, is the humanity's common treasure. It is included in those undisputed values which survived all kinds of fashion trends, and have eternal value.


His symphonies are the real pearls
of his outstanding musical legacy.

We offer you this special sparkling wine, with the hope to reflect the magical and refined atmosphere of these sophisticated Symphonies.


The Greatest
Classics Collection

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Greatest
Classics Collection

Grüner Veltliner is Austria’s most widely planted grape. This grape variety gained his name from its specific green color, even the must is green. It is an average –ripening grape and its typically harvested in October in Austria.
Grüner’s most impressive talent is to translate the soil in which the grapes are grown trough the minerality in the wine. It gives wines that are typically dry and medium-to full bodied.
The taste of the Grüner Veltliner variety is a mix of fruit (apple and pineapple) and white pepper.

The Greatest Classics Collection - Brut Excellent is a classic vintage sparkling wine from the most awarded Austrian sparkling wine producer. It is made of Gruner Veltliner , grown mainly in the loess soils in the north eastern part of Austria’s wine district.


It is fully balanced, spotless, the high level meeting of content and style.

Medium to large body, intensive aroma, the fruity, spicy and mineral flavors alternate. Solid crystalline structure, sufficiently tight, perfectly integrated acids accompany the unfolding of the richness.


Food recommendations:

Asian dishes, cheese dishes, lighter meats, North African cuisie, seafood, soups, tofu dishes, vegetable dishes.

Sensational rich aroma and taste!



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